01: Race And The Workplace

In this podcast, we will explore what the Black Lives Matter movement means to four Scholars and how they are incorporating the movement into their professional and personal journeys. Listeners who want to learn more are encouraged to read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo.

02: Insights on the Marketing Career Path and Reaching Diverse Audiences with Shalane Walker, Part One

Shalane Walker is the Associate Director of Media Planning and Strategy at Wavemaker in Chicago, IL. She has not only worked overseas (Dubai) but has also developed multiple marketing strategies for diverse markets. In this episode, she gives college to career advice. What tools and best practices do students need? How do you plan to work overseas? How do black professors make an impact on your studies and career? How do we go beyond having a ‘seat at the table’?

03: How Media Planning Helps to Reach Diverse Audiences with Shalane Walker, Part Two

This is the second part of her two-part series on careers in media planning and how it can shape targeting diverse audiences. In this episode, she gives insight on the industry, specifically looking at targeting minorities and how technology has changed the way we measure performance.


Featuring Shalane Walker: Corporate Leader & DEI Advocate | Lipstick & Ink®

I met Shalane at my first L&I event in late 2018. I connected with her right away because of our career background, as we both work full-time in the advertising industry. Shalane is an Associate Media Director at Wavemaker Chicago, where she currently manages media data for the 2020 U.S.


The corporate gamechangers by Loyola University Chicago on Exposure


Discussing Race and Racism in the Workplace

Businesses and organizations have a critical role to play in addressing our country’s systemic racism. The first step is ensuring your company can openly dis…